What is Ninja Fitness?

At Ninja Fitness you will learn to jump, roll, kick & spin, tackling any object like an elite NINJA!

Confidence, endurance, coordination, growth mindset, flexibility, strength, respect, agility…. during ninja training we cover it all!

This all-new sport discipline is inspired by gymnastics, circus arts, obstacle course training and freestyle movement.

Our aim is to assist all children to develop their fundamental movement skills & become physically literate.

Fundamental Movement Skills are the building blocks of movement for everyday life and all recreational activity. When these skills are mastered children can go on to develop specialised movement skills which allow them to reach their potential in any sport they choose.

Children learn a combination of rolls, jumps, kicks and spins. Strength and agility are developed through obstacle courses and various training techniques.

A progressive system evaluates and advances children in their skill and knowledge of core values as described in our Ninja Fitness Curriculum.


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